My specialties include couples / marital counseling, individual therapy, family of origin issues, and I have a wide depth of experience treating those with depression and anxiety problems. I also offer counseling for those that have been diagnosed with Cancer.

I love my work as a couples’ therapist.  I work with my clients to identify and resolve conflicts within relationships and strengthen communication and intimacy. By examining and raising awareness of how past experiences shape our patterns and responses within relationships, I help people gain insight to communicate better, establish healthy boundaries, and deal more effectively with problems. 

I am a Gottman Seven Principles Educator, which enables me to teach relationship and communication skills to provide you the skills from the book, “The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work” by John Gottman, Ph.D., of the Gottman Institute.

People come to see me in individual counseling when they need help because of feelings of depression, anxiety and difficult life issues, (job stress, relationship difficulties). I work to understand my clients particular needs in the hopes of addressing them in a manner which will bring greater happiness to themselves and their relationships.  I will work with you to understand the problems you are currently encountering, whether it be at work, with a relationship, or with how you are currently coping with stress.  I will help you learn new techniques to improve your ability to handle stress, and feel better about your approach to problems.

Feel free to call me for a free phone consultation to discuss counseling as an option for you at 503 963-8800, or you can email me at


Why Counseling?

Counseling may help you cope with the cancer diagnosis.

You can learn techniques to help manage anxiety and other feelings (sadness, depression).

Counseling may help you feel less overwhelmed by the disease, and more in control of your own life.

We can talk about how to help others understand and adjust to the changes cancer has brought to your family.

Counseling may help you learn more about available resources and implement self care skills.

Feel free to call me about discussing counseling as an option for you.

You can reach me at 503-963-8800, or you can email me at:

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